About Us

Located in Seaside, California, Monterey Bay Engineers, Inc. is a full-service professional civil engineering and land surveying firm providing service to Monterey County and surrounding areas. We have professional civil engineers and land surveyors licensed by the State of California. The tasks associated with civil engineering and land surveying are so closely related that it is in the best interests of the clients to use the services of a company such as Monterey Bay Engineers, Inc. that provides both of these professional disciplines.

Civil Engineering is the analysis, design or investigation of all fixed works. This means the planning, analysis, design and construction of all facilities that are constructed above, upon or underneath the ground.

Land Surveying is the art and science of locating boundaries or objects over, upon or under the surface of the earth. This includes all work necessary to determine the location and elevation of natural or man-made features and the boundaries of real property.

Some projects require the use of outside resources. The staff of Monterey Bay Engineers, Inc. has established valuable working relationships with many Architects, Attorneys, Geotechnical (Soils) Engineers, Geologists, Traffic Engineers, Land Title Companies and public agencies in order to provide services for those projects that have special or unique requirements.

We also provide expert opinions, depositions and testimony for court cases where boundary disputes, easement rights and alleged construction defects are at issue.


Our Team

Team 1

Steven C. Wilson, President, Registered Civil Engineer, California License 25136
Professional Land Surveyor, California License 5207
Registered Civil Engineer, Arizona License 24874

Benjamin C. Wilson, Registered Civil Engineer, California License 72928
Qualified SWPPP Developer & Practitioner, Cert. #00667

Brian M. Wilson, Professional Land Surveyor, California License 7771
Tim D. Martin, Professional Land Surveyor, California License 8670

Sal P. Hari, Engineering Technician
Jeff Sjoblom, LSIT, Survey Technician
Eli Douwes, Survey Technician
Arnie Lopez, Survey Technician

Valerie Hollingsworth, Bookkeeper, Administrative Support



ACEC California, Member
CLSA California & Local, Member
NSPS National, Member
ACSM National, Member